Zoom Parties

James McGowan

Our Sunday night quiz on Zoom with all the family is still going strong, haven't won any yet but came second on 2 occasions

Linda Ming

We had a family quiz via Zoom on Saturday night. It was great fun and lovely to catch up with everyone, The best bit was my niece introducing her baby to us all. She will have to get used to a noisy family circle after the "lock down" It's Zoom bingo next weekend, I think.

Alexandra Barr

Can’t meet my friends for a drink so getting ready for a virtual drink and chat. Nice bottle of Pinot ready to go and catch up online has become part of my weekly routine

Betty Armstrong

Remember I wrote my letter to my cousin in America for his 90th birthday? Well here is a screen shot of the Zoom gathering. I didn't know the family in the States was so big. The locals are the Armstrong, Lucy Oman and Aileen. Ken is second row down on the left.

Colette Marquess

We had a virtual afternoon tea for my daughter Cathy's birthday. I made the Victoria Sandwich cake and scones from an old recipe book that I found when I was tidying out the cupboards: "Cooking is Fun-New Metric edition", reprinted in 1972. I love it as it contains the names of a few of my sisters who also used it at school. I love the rough conversions from Imperial measures to Metric.

I have used this book so many times over the years. It always reminds me of home and having to fill up a biscuit tin once a week with home-baked goods. I also wrote this wee poem "Baking Day", inspired by my memories (11/05): 

I take out mum’s old bowl:

The heavy creamware one.

Follow simple recipes

From “Cooking is Fun”.

Six, six and six

The baking mantra runs

Victoria Sandwich cake

Or a dozen buns

Childhood memories stir

Of sisters now and then.

Four, four and two

In our nest of ten.

Geraldine, Deirdre,

Me and Bernie,

Paul and Una

Sally, Rita.

Hopscotch rhythms

Rosary Beads,

Simpler times

And simpler needs.