Social Distancing Painting

Linda Ming

I decided I would do three beach paintings, one of an empty beach, one of a crowded beach and one of social distancing. This is the halfway stage of the social distancing one. I haven't done a painting with a figure in it, just wee stick people in the background so this is a first. I haven't started the other two paintings yet (I haven't painted for years).

Just try little drawings and paintings and build up. Paint what interests you. It's a god pastime for emptying your mind and living in the moment.  I'd never drawn a figure before and challenged myself to do it. Happy painting and I hope you find a group when this crisis is over. 

Nearly finished my social distancing painting. I started painting as a hobby years ago and then life got in the way. In February I joined an art group and a few weeks in we had "lock-down". I've kept on dabbling and this painting I've called "Social Distancing". Next painting will be an empty beach representing "Lock-down" and then one of a busy beach representing normal times. Now I have said this I will have to complete the trilogy!!