The Lockdown Sewing 'Club'

Oonagh Murphy

Have really enjoyed crafting since lock down, myself and my mum got down her very old, very unused sewing machine to try and make masks, so that has been interesting. We have now made 20 masks, I sew and she irons them. Again going back to my new friend, the post service, will be shipping my first batch of masks to friends today! Has anyone else been posting or receiving interesting things in the post over the last couple of weeks?

Sue Watson

For the last eight weeks I have been sewing scrub sets for NHS workers and key community  careers. I am sharing a couple of pics of two of the 3-4 rooms  I took over in this occupation. I will be glad to get my life back. It’s been a busy and somewhat unsettling time

Just one way I can support them. I got my invitation from Boris to return to practice but was unable to do it so I figured - I can sew! I am not a “seamstress” as such so it was a steep learning curve (I normally sew quilts and bags) but I say one is never too old to learn. Once the initial pressure was off I have actually enjoyed it

Anne Murray

Sue, that is a wonderful thing to do. I really am a hopeless sewer or I would have given it a go. However, I do have a friend, Avril, who has also been a Scrubs sewer and she posted various photos on Facebook of her work. So impressive too, I’ve asked her if it’s ok to share some photos here just for posterity.

Thank you for all your efforts, and to all the other Covid Battling Scrubbists out there... heroes, every one. These are some done by Avril my friend of Lisburn. She’s been sewing like crazy as well. She is also designing her square. I just shared your 'patch' with Avril and I think you know each other!

Kathy Jamison

I've been sewing scrubs for the NHS.This has come to an end as PPE is apparently now arriving. It has been great to have been involved in this as well as Ordinary People project. I feel that I have been fortunate to help others during this difficult time. Something to look back on in years to come.

Deirdre MacBride

Making masks with Egyptian 400 thread count sheeting from Tescos with elastic from my neighbour's mothers sewing box. My neighbour Georgie is 80 years young.