Nicola’s Pandemic Diary I: What Happens next?

Nicola Simpson

Here is an excerpt from my reflections on Covid-19 19 this weekend (28 June):

As Covid-19 rates fall in NI my worries are moving (slightly) away from 'what happens if I/you/they get it' and 'what happens if i/you/they die' to more everyday matters like 'will I be able to get a job', 'should I return to study in September' as well as bigger questions about the future like 'will we have another child'. It is so hard to make decisions with so much uncertainty but some decisions cant be delayed forever.

For someone like me with an already patchy employment record (because of disability, and more recently parenthood) it is taking a huge amount of effort to set my personal worries aside. I know I'm privileged but also how fragile life can be and how quickly it can change. It is difficult not to worry. For people managing much more complexity in their lives the future must be terrifying.

Covid-19 will have an astounding impact on our lives, one we wont fully understand for many years. I'm really disappointed in our political leaders and the lack of thought on what type of future we are going to create. If ever there was a time to make big changes it is now.