Supporting the NHS

James McGowan

At the start of this lockdown it was surreal, as we get deeper into it and the days go by I have noticed people around me that I have never seen or spoken too before and it turns out they all live in the neighbourhood. We now chat from a distance and seem like old friends, everybody seems to cycle and have a dog which I haven't noticed before.

Even on Thursday nights clap for the carers everyone is out clapping, cheering and waving at each other. I do think and hope when all this has subsided we will all be closer and neighbourly, I do think it has brought us all close as a community and long may it last.

We have great neighbours who posted a note through our letter box offering us their help.  My 84 year old mother in law stills finds the energy to stand and clap even with her ill health. Keep safe folks and enjoy your day what ever you do.

Conrad Kirkwood

Support for the NHS.

Carol Moore

Disappointed in myself that I hadn't time to bake for street on the clap for carers last night so had to resort to bought treats. Myself, Cherie and Margaret went around the doors to those who were out to share the goodies as we've done for a number of weeks now. A special mention to our older neighbours, Meeta, Rachel, Jackie and Florence who enjoy a bit of a chat about how they are doing, and thanks for the buns they are going to have with a cup of tea. We've suggested a street party when this is over.

Colette Marquess

Here's one for all you budding artists: "The Fine Art of Gratitude", an article in the Independent about Michael Craig-Martin, who has designed a poster to thank the NHS, which people can colour in at home. I love what he has to say about his renewed appreciation of nature during the lockdown: " Doing so many things through the non-physicality of the internet, everything that's physical becomes very attractive". Here is the link to the poster, if anyone wants to download it. I think I may have a go, if I can rustle up some colouring pencils!

Deana Friel

Such a lovely therapeutic exercise.

Carol Moore

Last night on clap for carers a neighbour bought whistles for everyone and so here I am with whistle in mouth making lots of noise. I am also thrilled to announce that I got the funding from Future Screens/Northern Ireland Screen to make a short film about a woman with dementia and her carer. Not only is it giving employment to myself and other artists but it will also be documenting how creatives make work with Covid-19 social distancing. I can't wait to get started.

Anne Murray

Whistles, good idea. I have a disk problem so clapping is painful for me.  Over time, I’ve used a rain stick, tambourine, singing bowl and a drum. Might as well add a whistle to my repertoire and have one somewhere from the 2014 Giro Italia when I was a volunteer Marshall. However, Ive noticed over the last week or two that fewer people are coming out on Clap night. Perhaps it’s just this area as it sounds like your Clap night is going strong. Been connecting with the Chakras as well....

Paddy Rodgers

During lockdown someone in Whitehead has been leaving painted stones with messages of love and support all over the town, some on doorsteps or on seats etc. Rainbows everywhere!!