Old & New Hobbies

Oonagh Murphy Very excited about this project - nice to be able to pause and reflect, everyday seems to bring something new, I can barely remember what I was doing last week (which feels like a whole different world). Just yesterday I started making masks -- haven't used a sewing machine since school! Anyone else started new hobbies, or picked up old hobbies? Laura Aguiar Colouring books again! I forgot how relaxing they are! Bronagh McAtasney Jigsaws. I'm obsessed. Although the one I'm currently doing is of the London Underground and I'm down to about 60 all white pieces! Argh! Niall Kerr Gardening and cleaning up around the house. Bought a power washer which arrived today. That's me for the next few weeks! Linda Ming I found a jigsaw in the attic and might start it. I've an allotment so have been busy setting seeds and putting it in order for the season. This is the first time it has looked good.  I started a flower garden last year and have sown some seeds randomly to see if they grow. Anne Murray I've been saving glass jars for a while as had a notion of glass painting [picture above].  Got the glass paints from Ebay last year, sitting in the garage. Had a go at painting the jars and they have turned out really nicely... surprised!