Lived Experience Cabinet

Anne Murray

My scrapbook hasn’t arrived, so I decided to create my lived experience exhibition instead!  Christopher had recently painted my mums old china cabinet in teal, so I’ve used it for the display.

Not complete as yet, as Covid isn’t over, and I may change things around as it proceeds, but as of today, the top shelf has memorabilia from my grandparents, one side includes the Mass cards for my Catholic grandparents and the other side, Masonic lodge memorabilia, and Queensland railway union badge from my Protestant grandparents.

Middle shelf includes childhood treasures...the pink kitty bell that always adorned the Christmas Sindy dolls, Paul the boyfriend and Patch little sister, from 1963, along with a 1963 WHO postal mark...The world united against Malaria...from a letter sent to my mum from her cousin in Toronto.

Bottom shelf has my ongoing collection of Covid 19 memorabilia, including the NHS stay home postal Mark...the essential vitamins and zinc, along with my 60 year old teddy sporting his mask and my first doll, Looby Lou. It was fun doing this.