Grayson Perry's Art Club

Carol Moore

I am loving Grayson Perry's Art Club on Channel 4. Very uplifting. This week the theme was 'A view from the window', so here is mine from my summer house and using bold block colours which isn't meant to be realistic.

Linda Ming Carol, Grayson Perry's art cub is brilliant. I had the pleasure of attending a talk he did - a very intelligent man.  I hope you get that wonderful painting framed. 

Joanna Fyffe My daughter and I are loving Grayson Perry's Art Club - as you say, it's very uplifting. Your painting is also very uplifting, beautiful!

Sue Watson I have enjoyed Grayson Perry’s discussion on artwork. He seems very relaxed and makes art accessible  to those who are less knowledgeable. I go to art exhibitions more now than I used to. I am a Friend of FEMcWilliam gallery in Banbridge. I have learnt that it's okay to say “I don’t understand it “ perhaps it only happens when you get to a certain age LOL!

Carol Moore I think we all should feel confident in expressing how a painting makes you feel. There is a certain kind of snobbery around so-called 'knowledge' in the art world. It is subjective after all. I really am a novice to drawing and painting so this challenge felt more manageable.

Linda Ming

Just try little drawings and paintings and build up.  Paint what interests you.  It's a god pastime for emptying your mind and living in the moment.  I'd never drawn a figure before and challenged myself to do it. Happy painting and I hope you find a group when this crisis is over. 

Carol Moore

You are absolutely right about the mindfulness Linda.