Garden & Walk Findings

Carol Moore

In the spirit of recycling and on another walk with Rudy, I came across the same two mops that had been lying in the same green space for weeks now and it was driving me mad. So I picked them up in the car with an idea to create 2 characters, Roger and Jennifer. I amused myself greatly on Saturday by painting faces and putting them in situ in the garden for a photo shoot.

I uploaded the photos onto facebook with the following text (although I did call Roger, Nigel, which led to 44 responses all adding to the very silly story of Roger and Jennifer Up-cycle - Hunt from Hillsborough). For the purposes of clarity here, I will change all references to Roger.

Roger and Jennifer Up-cycle-Hunt speaking from their garden in Hillsborough today decided to wave their anonymity to talk to our reporter from the Six Counties Tatler about the unscrupulous online sellers who are making huge profits during the Covid-19 lockdown. “Well the dieting pills from somewhere in the Far East”, said Jennifer, “initially worked a treat, but my size 16 curve has dangerously contracted into a thin straight line and Nigel hasn’t been off the toilet since the 3rd April. Nigel’s razor didn’t arrive at all, nor my hair scissors, so I’ve asked for a refund, but the return correspondence isn’t even in the Queen’s English. The blonde hair colour as you can see, has been a bloody disaster and left both our hairs in an abominable condition.

Thank God Nigel’s birthday tie did arrive from Marksies and the 12 cases of Sauvignon to get through this lockdown business, but it is all rather a bother... Nigel... are you not going to say something... Sorry about my husband... he’s in a huff. When he put the order in (at 1.30 am last night, after 2 bottles of wine and 7 whiskies, I might add) he forgot to add my gold tipped tweezers, so this morning I deliberately tumble -dried his 3 lambs wool golf jumpers and now they only fit the poodle... Glass of wine before you pop off dear?” So here's Roger and Jennifer.

Saturday 9th May was so beautiful so I'm sharing my garden.

Here's some pics from this morning's walk. A snail on its way home, noticed so many scratch cards discarded and lying about close to the shop I pass which says something about the times we're in and of course it's flag season again but happy to see the NHS being respectfully celebrated.

This was the moth in my garden and looks like the same on UKmoths website - the Poplar Hawk. Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi

(Linnaeus, 1758)Wingspan 65-90 mm.Probably the commonest of our hawk-moths, it has a strange attitude when at rest, with the hindwings held forward of the forewings, and the abdomen curved upwards at the rear. If disturbed it can flash the hindwings, which have a contrasting rufous patch, normally hidden.Distributed commonly throughout most of Britain, the adults are on the wing from May to July, when it is a frequent visitor to light.

My painting last week of a buttercup. I made the rookie mistake of doing a background and then it all went downhill from there. Threw every paint, pen and colour pencil at it but it created some lovely mindfulness for 3 hours.