First 'Outing'

Pamela Emerson

On my first 'outing' to a big supermarket I had a trolley full of items and after packing them in bags, I got my purse to find I hadn't my credit card and not enough money so I had 15 minutes to drive home and back before the shop closed. I don't know how I managed it, but I got in before the doors shut and got my trolley of food and ink for the printer which local shops don't stock. That was a memorable shopping experience!

I also experienced an isolated birthday but there was lots of lovely messages from people I know, from work colleges at the end of emails, I got phone calls with people sing happy birthday to me, my sister left a bag at the door which contained a cake, juice, crisps, a bar of chocolate, a magazine and a plant. Then she said she would chat to me on Zoom in the evening, but when I logged on she had organised for friends from Zumba class to be there too, so I had a virtual party! The following day I also got frightened by banging on the front door, it was the postman who was wanting to let me know he had left a parcel sitting for me - it was a beautiful flower card from friends in England and the next day I got more flowers in a box and I was amused by the packaging as it said the flowers were sleeping and told me how I had to waken them up!