Joe Wicks P.E. & Ben Nevis Challenge

James McGowan

7 May: Having gone into self isolation and done what we could inside the house, my wife and I heard about this guy Joe Wicks, we looked him up on Youtube and picked an exercise that suited our own capabilities. It has highlighted how unfit we are ha ha. We also realised we need to take responsibility for our health and well-being.

We also are doing an indoor Ben Nevis climb which consists of 17 ascents of the stairs a day lasting 28 days which equals the height of Ben Nevis. Not everyone in the house took part as you see. 

8 May: Ben Nevis still going strong, not long to go now and yes we can see the path being worn into the carpet. I have been lucky enough to climb this beautiful mountain for charity (my wife just came home one day and said, guess what? You're going to climb Ben Nevis, I just put your name forward) such a loving wife haha. PS: still with her.

17 May: Well I finally got to the top of my Ben Nevis challenge indoors, tough going, but the view was fab.