Letters & Scrapbooking

Communication was key during lockdown, but not everyone uses online technology and, if they do, few people keep a record of it. So we decided to go ‘old-school’ and encourage our participants to write letters during lockdown. We also encouraged them to scrapbook the pandemic, including their letters, diary entries, receipts, photographs, and newspaper clippings. Here is some of their work:

Aunt & Nieces

I wrote letters to my 2 nieces, Blathnaid (11) and Eibhleann (9). I received their replies yesterday. They were really excited about getting letters in the post and wrote back immediately. I enclose my letter and their reply.

Joan Aldridge

To & From Grandpa

Letter exchange with granddaughter Lily, aged 10, who, surprisingly, was disappointed to hear that her Transfer Test has been cancelled. She had already done a lot of work, which now appears to her to have been in vain. Also here is a postcard by An Post in the Republic [...]. I think it was an excellent gesture and it was such an emotional surprise to receive it. I have also attached some of the handmade Easter cards we received from our other grandchildren.

Brendan McConville

Letter to Future Self

Frank McHugh

To my Unborn Grandchild

This is a letter to my unborn grandchild, who is due at the end of September.

Colette Marquess

Vox Pop Scrapbook

First: zero ideas! I was thinking about creating a diary plus bits and pieces from newspapers, but then when I asked my housemates and the people I work with I was not expecting so many contributions. It leads to conversations and it's just nice to see them reflecting on the past three months.

Canan Kurt

Dear Father-in-Law

Ann McGeown

Write & Ride

My daughters have also written to their friends, who they are really missing after 50+ days and cycling to the post box about 3 miles away also gives their exercise some purpose.

Margaret Roberts

Greetings from Mom

 I sent some letters but had no reply from my daughter Charlotte (in London)...as yet. [...] This has really spurred me to continue on with letter writing though as it has been so much more meaningful and enjoyable than a quick text!

Rhonda Dempsie

Writing to Great Aunt

My son wrote to his great aunt in Guernsey and his nanny in Omagh. My daughter made bracelets to put in with the letters. Both letters were very gratefully received and the little tokens went down so well that I have made some lavender pomanders to post to a few people as surprise relaxing gifts! It's just so lovely to receive things in the post, especially at the moment.

Joanna Fyffe

Lockdown Scrapbook

Here are some random pages from my scrapbook: a person who has inspired me, treats that keep us going in Lockdown and a couple of things I normally enjoy that I won't be doing for a while and the results from my"Vox Pop" with family. It's interesting that Bernie turned the question on its head and listed the things she will miss about lockdown! I've really enjoyed this activity. 

Colette Marquess

Corona V Comic

Comic from my 9-year-old daughter: the baddy, Corona V, is defeated by Superhero using soap. The kids have been very resilient during the lockdown, but there's a lot going on under the surface.

Claire Mitchell

Nephew's Letter

I got my nephew who is 9 to write me a letter as part of his homeschooling English last week and post it to me from Wales. It was so lovely to receive a letter from him. Lovely to get the letter but on the back of the envelope was stamped the date and "Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives." Fabulous bit of history there!

Claudine Coyle

To First Cousin

I’ve written to one of my best friends, she is also my 1st cousin twice removed, we only discovered this 20 yrs after we met.

Deana Friel

New Yorker Postcards

My lovely friend Cherrie gave me a fab box of The New Yorker postcards which I thought was a fantastic way to communicate with friends (...) so I've started a challenge. I'll send a postcard every day to someone, with another postcard with my address. I'm asking them to bullet point big or small projects they have achieved during the lockdown. I am attempting not to repeat my collection of mini achievements on the postcards I send and hope to get back between 20-40 responses.  

Carol Moore

Joan's Scrapbook

Some pages from my scrapbook. We are spending time walking every day. In the quiet of the countryside the trees are full of nesting birds. We have downloaded a bird / butterfly key to try and identify the different bird and butterfly in our area. I started recording the new vocabulary of the day!! I stuck some headlines into the book for keepsake. Maybe my grandchildren (if I have any) will be able to use them in a school project in years to come.

Joan Aldridge

Covid Photo Diary

I have now written up, by hand, in my scrapbook my experiences during this pandemic lockdown especially the way Belfast was so quiet. I tried to take many photos to reflect what I was seeing. 

Joan Hughes

Dear Granda Michael

I have just received the letter regarding the lockdown from my granddaughter, Sadie, who is 9 years old.

Michael Little

A message from 


 I'm hoping to make something for my daughter who just turned one last week. I'll be including this letter from her Great Granny who is 102!

Jenny Wilson

Help with Family History

This is the letter I wrote to my deceased father-in-law's sister. She is the last in the family and I hope she’ll be able to help with family history.

Barbara Braile

A Child's View of Lockdown

A letter from my 7-year-old godson which he wrote to me during lockdown. It’s a lovely letter and great to have a child’s view of the lockdown. 

Kathy Jamison